Our Products

  • Heat Shield

    HeatShield Window Coating

  • Clear Horizon

    Clear Horizon Window Film

  • Poly Carbonate

    TransLumon Polycarbonate

  • Reflex IR Latex Paint


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  • The greenest energy is saved energy!

    eTime Energy is a North American provider specializing in incorporating nanotechnology into its products to increase employee and customer comfort through energy conservation. We offer a broad range of heat preservation coatings to create significant energy savings and reduce carbon emissions.

    Learn More about our products eTime Corporate Flyer 2015

  • Some Facts

    • eTime products can reduce cooling costs by 20-40%
    • eTime products will reduce total energy consumption
    • eTime products block up to 70% of infrared heat
    • eTime products block up to 90% ultra violet light
    • eTime products allow over 70% of visible light
    • eTime products reduce glare and guaranteed not to crack, bubble or peel and to maintain their effectiveness for up to 15 years
  • What Our Valued Clients Say…