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  • eTime Energy

    eTime Energy is a North American company specializing in providing innovative energy saving products using nanotechnology. We are dedicated to providing energy efficiency solutions for our clients and promoting sustainable built environments.

    We strive to provide the highest performing products that directly address solar heat gain issues for buildings and homes. In addition to reducing energy costs these products also enhance the comfort of the employees and customers through heat and air conditioning regulation.


Our Core Objectives

    • Commitment to Innovation

      eTime is committed to expanding uses for our nanotechnology thereby providing our customers with innovative, energy efficient products.

    • Commitment to Customer Service

      We serve commercial and industrial clients with honesty, fairness and respect, striving to offer you the best service and quality products.  As such, our dealers are selected for their integrity and strong customer care.

    • Strive for Highest Product Quality

      We are proud of our products and strive to offer the highest quality in our categories.

    • Commitment to Sustainable Built Environments

      Our products are developed with the goal of promoting and enabling sustainable built environments.  This means improving interior comfort while reducing energy consumption.

    • Commitment to our Environment

      We firmly believe “Saved Energy is the Greenest Energy”

    • Teamwork and Respect

      We enjoy a collaborative work environment that fosters open communication and encourage close cooperation across all business functions. We strive to be a business partner that is flexible and easy to work with.