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  • Our research shows us how eTime Heat Shield coated windows would reduce the amount of energy required to keep the space behind the glass cooler than non-coated glass.

    If not for fact that I personally witnessed the results of the Heat Shield coating first hand, I would have been skeptical in reading any claim stating that 20 – 40% energy savings could be achieved using this product. Our test data clearly shows that this is indeed the case as evidenced during the hot and humid days of late summer when the Heat Shield treated glass surfaces reduced the inside temperature of the test box by an average of 12°C/53.6F. This alone translates into a 35% reduction in the amount of cooling energy that would have otherwise been required if the glass was not coated.

    Leo SalemiGeorge Brown College Professor
  • eTime Energy installed Heat Shield window coating on all glass windows in a school class room in Hamilton, Ontario.

    The installation was done in one visit and completed after a few hours with no disruption to normal operating hours. Daylight can now enter the classroom while keeping out the unwanted heat. Comfort levels in the classroom have increased dramatically and HVAC system works more effectively at heating and cooling the space while reducing energy consumption. Everyone is happy with the installation and product effect.

    Agnese De FazioHamilton-Wentworth District School Board Project Supervisor

  • Your installers were professional and did not inconvenience our operation in any way. The window coating application is uniquely clear, while very effective at reducing glare and heat from outside into the restaurant. I am looking forward to the financial benefits being realized due to a lighter load on our air conditioning.

    Thank you for introducing us to this new technology.

    Mike McCarthyCora's Queensway
  • Following the application of eTime’s HPS-G coating , there has been a noticeable difference in heat in the room – the room is very comfortable in the summer and the furniture no longer heats up as a result of the intense sunshine. The best part of this is the view has not been affected by the coating and we can proceed to install drapery without having to worry about installing blinds to deal with the sunshine and heat.

    I would highly recommend this coating to any homeowner looking to implement a means to block out heat but not affect the visibility of any window in their home.

    Gianni CretaHome Owner, Vaughan, Ontario
  • One month ago eTime Energy installed their HPS G transparent glass coating onto our south facing windows. Typically the blinds were always down on these windows because heat transfer and glare was a problem for those working near the windows. After the windows were coated staff were able to raise blinds and enjoy the outside view because the coating reduced heat transfer and glare into the offices. We are happy with the benefits provided by the coating.

    Peter PesceReunion Island Coffee
  • eTime Energy recently installed their liquid glass coating product HeatShield to windows in a meeting room located on the 19th floor of our offices at 1 Dundas St., Toronto, Ontario. The installation was completed after hours, was non intrusive, and did not disrupt normal office operations. Congratulations to the eTime installation team. Further, after coating was completed, comfort levels have increased for those using the meeting room during hot sunny days.

    Gavin MaherOntario Realty Corporation - Senior Sustainability Program Specialist
  • Further to the window coating installation at 175 Commerce Valley Drive, Markham, the installation of the window coating has notably reduced the heat temperature (on sunny days) by 4-5 degrees. We are please with the results, thanks again for your recommendation and services.

    EvelynMenkes Property management

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