HeatShield Window Coating

HeatShield™ Window Coating



eTime Energy’s industry leading HeatShield™ transparent liquid window coating is an alternative to traditional window films.  The unique nanotechnology coating is engineered for durability, resulting in a long-lasting, smooth, transparent finish that is virtually invisible on your windows.  Save_energy_sunHeatShield™’s ability to block over 50% solar heat gain, reject over 90% UV rays  and still allow over 70% visible light makes it ideal for window retrofits in institutional, commercial and hospitality buildings where patrons’ comfort and energy efficiency are priorities.  Lower demand on your air conditioning system means you consume less peak energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity.

HeatShield™ is suited for both warm and temperate climates.  When applied to windows, the coating blocks the exterior summer heat from entering and prevents indoor heating from escaping in the winter time.  Typical space cooling energy savings of 20% to 40% in temperate climates.

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  • Increases interior comfort – thermal coating reduces peak heat gain or loss, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.
  • Energy and cost savings – Lowers interior temperatures an average of 5°C and reduces peak load energy consumption. Typical energy cost savings of 20-40% and payback of 2-5 years in temperate climates.
  • High transparency – Virtually invisible with 70% visible light transmission. Won’t compromise the beauty of your windows or alter architectural features
  • Protects people and furnishingsBlocks damaging UV radiation and extends life of furnishings
  • Durable – engineered not to bubble, peel off or change color

How To Buy:

HeatShield™ is professionally installed by an authorized eTime dealer and trained installer.  Contact us today to find your local dealer and installer or for a quote.