Clear Horizon Window Film

Clear Horizon™ Window Film

film_webThe Clear Horizon 70™ family of window films have been specially designed as an economical solution to excessive solar heat gain in homes and buildings, enhancing residents, customers and employees environmental experience.  Clear Horizon™ window films, when applied to windows, eliminates uncomfortable glare and heat from the sun, protects furniture, displays and carpeting from harmful UV and increase your home and building’s energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs.

Utilizing eTime Energy’s proprietary nanotechnology, Clear Horizon™ window films block 95% of UV Rays and reject 85% of infrared heat while allowing over 70% of the outside visible light to pass into your building. On average Clear Horizon™ window films will reduce energy consumption by more than 45% when compared to untreated windows by controlling interior temperatures.

Clear Horizon™ window film is an easily installed window treatment that enables standard single and double pane windows to block UV rays and trap radiant infrared heat while allowing visible light to penetrate into the indoor spaces.

Like our HeatShield™ coating, Clear Horizon™ window film is suited for both warm and temperate climates.  Once applied to the inside of any existing window, the film can be easily cleaned with off-the-shelf household and commercial window cleaning solutions.

Learn more about eTime Clear Horizon™ Window Film eTime Clear Horizon 70 Window Film Product Sheet


  • Low cost window retrofit and upgrade solution at fraction of cost to replace existing windows
  • High transparency for virtually invisible appearance
  • Improve customer and employee experiences by reducing uncomfortable solar heat gain
  • Reduce cooling costs and consume less energy
  • Protects and extends life of furnishings

eTime Energy Clear Horizon uses advance Nano Ceramic technology which will automatically change visible light and solar heat gain properties, to achieve high heat control without sacrifice vision. Clear Horizon ensures a consistent high level of comfort and saving peak energy consumption. No need for outside control, electrical wires or electronic devices. It is World’s first in window film industry.

How to Buy

Clear Horizon 70 Window Films are available through Authorized eTime Dealers and Installers.  Contact us today to find your local dealer and installer or for a quote.