Reflex IR Latex Paint

Reflex IR™ Latex Paint


Reflex IR™ (infrared) paint is specially formulated to provide excellent heat retention when applied to the interior walls of a build and to reflect infrared radiation away from the building when applied to exterior surfaces.

eTime’s Reflex IR™ is a thermally emissive coating for interior and exterior walls.  Reflex IR™’s high level of nano-metal oxide particles and infrared emissive pigments block ultraviolet rays and reflect infrared radiation, reducing the solar heat penetrating through walls and roofs.  As a result, surfaces stay cooler and extreme temperature changes that create stress on walls are reduced.

Reflex IR™ paint reduces energy consumption and costs by lowering air conditioning demand load in the summer and heating energy use in the winter.

The low VOC, water-based coating is environmentally-sound and can be applied on multiple types of surfaces including concrete, stucco, wood, metal and composite material roof shingles.

Penguin IR’s proprietary UV reflective capability ensures that paint colours are long-lasting and remain vivid.  The highly durable paint will not flake and can be easily cleaned after application.

Easy to Use

Penguin IR paint is applied easily with a brush, roller or spray. It cleans with regular soap and water and provides excellent durability.

Learn more about eTime’s Reflex IR™ paint eTime Reflex IR Paint Product Sheet  eTime Reflex IR Paint Product Sheet


  • Excellent emissivity and reflectivity performance: reflects >85% infrared
  • Preserves walls and roofs: reduces wall stress and cracking
  • Highly energy efficient: lowers cooling or heating costs and energy consumption
  • Durable: weather-resistant, long-lasting, strong surface adhesion and stain-resistant
  • Flexible use: Tintable to customized colours, suited for multiple types of surfaces, interior or exterior application
  • Environmentally-friendly: non-toxic, low VOC, no heavy metals.

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