Case Studies

  • Cora’s Case Study – Coated vs. Non Coated

    Having previously coated Cora’s windows, the client was very content with the energy savings that HPS HeatShield provided, and customers were very pleased they could now sit comfortably by the windows.

    • These are typical concerns. Not only for restaurants, but for offices, hotels, homes, etc. HeatShield effectively regulates the amount of solar spectrum heat transfer by capturing the sun’s energy IN the window pane and then evenly releasing it within Cm’s of the pane itself, rather than allowing the heat to migrate inwards where it causes discomfort and the need for HVAC energy use to reduce that impact.

    Recently, a pane was vandalized at a Cora’s installation and eTime Energy was called in to coat the new window.

    We took that opportunity to take 2 sets of temperature measurements.

    1. Window pane temperature: with a heat measuring laser we measured the window’s interior surface temperature
    2. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient [SHGC]: with a solar transmission meter we measured the amount of heat energy 12” from the window’s interior surface

    The Results

    Location: Etobicoke, ON, Canada – March 6th, 2012; Exterior Temperature: -9°C, sunny with slight winds What you will notice is that the HPS HeatShield coated glass retained an additional 10°C of the sun’s radiant energy, keeping that heat from entering the interior space [while still letting in over 70% of visible light].

    This translated into a reduction of 54% of all solar heat gain entering the room. The positive comfort and energy impact of these figures increases exponentially as the exterior temperature soars.

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